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The Harvard College Law Review aims to create a legal and civil rights discourse on Harvard’s campus and the greater Boston area. We represent an eclectic team of Harvard undergraduates who are interested in pursuing the law in future practice and through academia. Most importantly, however; the HCLR is here to engage our community in rigorous and unrelenting debate.

Through our research and writing we display a wide array of viewpoints, from research articles on various international humanitarian crises to the state of free speech, constitutional interpretation and privacy in the United States. We give huge thanks to the 2017 executive board, staff writers, and comp class, whose research and words feature on our website and print Review and whose leadership across design and fundraising have been crucial to producing our Fall edition and invigorating our organization.

Through the Law Review and the Law Society, we work to build a greater and wide-ranging, law-interested community at Harvard College. We are excited to grow this during 2018 and are modernizing the Review across all facets. 

We are particularly driven by the huge potential of the Review to carve out a space for the law at the undergraduate level. Significant research efforts out in the field and in academic writing are made each semester across myriad fields of law by Harvard College students. This passion for the law requires an empowered outlet to carry real impact, and we hope to continue to work to provide the right environment to foster a community that builds students into change-makers and leaders.

Ultimately, we recognize the real power of the pen through journalistic and academic writing. The Review seeks always to push boundaries, expand legal concepts and make a tangible impact on our global community.


President: Ryan Zhang

Editor-in-Chief: Patrick Cespedes

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